300ml e/10.1fl.oz

VEGADORE Strawberry Body Scrub

which the texture just like ice cream, very easy to use. The main ingredients are the strawberry essence which is totally organic and natural suits for every type of skin. What’s more, it has adopted the strawberry fragrance to offer customers a pleasant experience of usage.

In addition, VEGADORE Strawberry Body Scrub has four specific effects that:

Firstly, it’s very mild ingredients and texture which will remove the exfoliator and horrid cutis effectively.

Secondly, it’s not only deep cleansing the skin problems but also deeply moisturizing the skin.

Thirdly, as the special texture and ingredients which is very convenient to use and rinse off.

All in all, this VEGADORE Strawberry Body Scrub can solve the skin problems successfully, such as the horrid cutis, the back acne, black joints, and orange peel grain. So don’t be hesitate that take good care of your body, give a try.



  • After making a shower, then apply the whole body with a suitable amount of body scrub and massage averagely. Especially, for the elbow, knee, and ankle.
  • After the gentle massage, rinse off with the warm water.
  • It will be more recommend that use it 2-3 times a week.