The CARE for world-wide people.

The CARE for world-wide people.


Today is January 9th, 2021. The world epidemic coronavirus-19 not disappear yet. It had been for almost one year that the disease had happened. Every day still have new medical cases of illness and caused death which that situation occur in every country. Therefore, every country had taken certain actions to control the coronavirus. But the results have quite a distinction between countries. So currently we are not conquering the virus eventually. That situation reminds me of a saying:“Community of shared future for mankind.” That means even there are just one person was not be cured, the world is still under the threat of the coronavirus. With that concept, the one thing that we can do is make the precaution comprehensively for the normal people who are not affected by the coronavirus.


wear the facial maskSo today I’d like to share several main actions we can do with some necessary products to prevent the coronavirus-19.


Firstly, must wear the facial mask outside. The WHO had made an announcement that the coronavirus infects by saliva so wear the facial is the fastest and efficient way. And notice that should change the facial mask every day.


Secondly, one must use hand sanitizer all the time, especially outside. There are tremendous bacteria attach to the surface of the objects, such as the shops, restaurants, elevators, and office, etc. When we back home we need clean conditions which keep our family safe.



Thirdly, use the antibacterial body wash. Most of us are just focus on hand clean which is a big mistake. For the body, antibacterial is a kind of precaution that isolates the possibility affect the coronavirus.


Fourthly, use antibacterial body milk. After we use the antibacterial body wash, will be a little bit dry, especially it has the element of antibacterial which will be more dryer and affect our body. So we need to out some products insure the body in a good condition.


These are the four products which are for the sake of our health conditions for a recommendation. Move with us, take the actions to protect ourselves and our families. Today, the world-wide case of illness is up to more than 20,000,000. This number not only means 20,000,000 persons are in a miserable situation but also means that tragic things happened 20,000,000s times.