What is the NECESSARY NUTRITION for hair?

What is the NECESSARY NUTRITION for hair?


Many people have hair problems and are bothered a lot, but not aware of there is a reason your hair becomes broken, yellow, and split. If your hair is damaged, yellow, split, and broken, actually, this is a sign that your hair is lacking nutrition, you should supply suitable nutrition to keep your hair healthy.


Then, how should we provide nutrition? In fact, hair growth will also need other vitamins and minerals except for fatty acids and proteins. For that, we do not need to purchase the precious care products, just only pay more attention to the daily diet.


The first is fatty acids. Hair follicles contain 3% fatty acids. Since our body cannot directly produce fatty acids, we need to eat enough foods containing fatty acids in our diet, such as walnuts, some fish, and salmon.


The second is vitamins. It is well-known that vitamin C is collagen that can increase tissue repair, including hair. Our body needs more vitamin C, and some foods are rich in vitamin C, such as vegetables, fruits, and red peppers.


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B, which helps protect hair health. For example, nuts and oats are rich in vitamins. B-complex vitamins contain vitamin B6 and biotin, which can help us increase hair, improve the scalp, and promote hair follicle circulation.


Then there are minerals. The iron in minerals can improve hair growth and reduce anemic hair loss to a certain extent. Foods containing iron are vegetables, such as spinach, fruits, dried fruits, cashews, and the like. The mineral silica can also promote hair growth, such as cucumber, celery, mango, and so on.



Pay more attention to the diet. It is more beneficial to the hair than using many maintenance products. No amount of maintenance products are as useful as diet therapy. Therefore, we can pay more attention to our daily diet. In fact, it is the best way to maintain our hair.